White Mute Swans



The Mute Swan is named for its quiet demeanor in comparison to other swan species. It is the epitome of elegance in a waterfowl collection. These beauties are monogamous and mate for life, sometimes even dying of a broken heart when their mate is gone.  Adults are large weighing up to 26 pounds. Both males and females are entirely white in plumage with bright orange beaks outlined in black. Males have a large black knob at the base of their beak and are bigger in size. 

Mute Swans are not sexually mature until 3 years of age, and cygnets will stay with their parents for a full year. The breeding season is March-June. The birds will nest very close to water and expect 5-10 eggs in a clutch. Diet consists of game bird pellet and hen scratch along with aquatic vegetation, grass, greens and occasionally insects. 

Our swans are not pinioned. Clipped wings are available at $2.50 per bird and the trimming can last 4-6 months. 

We are unable to ship Mute Swans to California, Texas or Washington State.

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