White Bobwhite Quail


*White Bobwhite Quail are difficult to sex, so we are offering "each" pricing and suggest purchasing these quail in a "four lot". This will most likely provide mixed sexes to help your breeding programs. 

Just as their name suggests these Bobwhites are purely white in color.  They are easy to raise and are great egg producers. Breeding season is typically April through June. Expect as much as 16 eggs per clutch. 

The Bobwhites require perches as they fare better off the ground. They are sociable birds and prefer to live in groups with each other called coveys. Diet consists of seeds, greens, and bugs, along with a staple diet of game bird pellet. 

Our quails are excellent flyers and are not pinioned. Clipped wings are available at an additional $2.50 per bird, and the trimming can last four to six months. 

Shipping Policy

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