India Blue Peacock - Male, 3 Year Breeder


Often referred to as the Common Peafowl, the India Blue Peacock is anything but ordinary. Stunning and sociable, these birds mix well with most any fowl. Like other peafowl species, these birds love to forage in grassland, and they are notoriously good snake hunters.  Diet will also consist of game bird pellet. Peafowl will roost high up in trees if allowed to roam. When caged a netted top is required as they are excellent flyers. 

Our peacocks are not pinioned. Clipped wings are available at an additional $2.50 per bird and the trimming can last four to six months.

Shipping Policy

Shipping rates vary based on quantity and type of bird. Please contact us at or by calling us at 530-269-1144 for more information. See also Shipping Charges.