Australian Crested Doves - Pair


Yearlings & DNA Sexed

While commonplace in Australia, the Crested Dove is a rare find for collectors here in the States. Also referred to as the Crested Pigeon, or Topknot Pigeon, these birds are set apart in beauty by their cockatiel-like crest on the top of their head. Their bodies are mostly gray with blush undertones, and they have black stripes on their wings. Males and females are similar in size and appearance.

These birds are docile and can share an aviary with others. Their diet consists mainly of seed, making a cockatiel or parakeet mix a great staple. Supplement with fruit and veggies. Australian Crested Doves can breed throughout the year, with a clutch size of 2. They prefer to nest above ground, and will require perches. 

Our Australian Crested Doves are not pinioned. Clipped wings are available at an additional $2.50 per bird and the trimming can last four to six months.

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