E.A. Crowned Cranes



*Please add $500 per crane to cover crate and delivery surcharge. All cranes are shipped via Delta Cargo. We do not ship cranes by USPS. 

Perhaps the most widely recognized in the crane family is the East African Crowned Crane. Simply gorgeous in stature, these birds weigh up to 8 pounds. They will mate for life, and you can expect a clutch of 2-4 eggs. Breeding season ranges from February-June, but these beauties can breed year-round. 

They are typically mild mannered and sociable, except when breeding. Because of this, a large enclosure is highly recommended, especially if it is shared with other fowl. A marshland environment is ideal, as is a minimum 8-foot-high fence. Crowned Cranes are omnivores. Their diet consists of game bird crumble/pellets, scratch mix, lots of grass, along with small rodents and bugs. Dry dog food can also be supplemented.  

Our Crowned Cranes are pinioned. 

Crowned Cranes are 14-16 months old. 

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