Demoiselle Cranes



Please add $500/Pair of Cranes to cover crate and delivery charge. All cranes are shipped via Delta Cargo. We do not ship cranes by USPS. 

Named for its elegant damsel-like appearance, the Demoiselle is the smallest in the crane family, generally weighing between 4-7 pounds at maturity. These beauties mate for life, with breeding season typically between April-June. Expect 2 eggs per clutch. 

Demoiselles inhabit swamps in the wild, making a marshland enclosure best. A four to six feet fence is highly recommended as they are excellent flyers. Their temperament is relatively calm, and they mix well with most any fowl, including pheasants and ducks. Diet consists of game bird crumble or scratch mix, along with small rodents. Dry dog food can also be supplemented.  

Clipped wings are available at an additional $2.50 per bird and the trimming can last four to six months. 

Shipping Policy

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