Stanley Cranes



The Stanley or Blue Crane is the national bird of South Africa. Simple and beautiful, these cranes will mate for life. Breeding season typically ranges from April- through June and you can expect 2 eggs per clutch. 

These birds thrive in both wetland or grassland enclosures and can share space with other species, including pheasants and waterfowl. Standing up to 4 feet tall and weighing up to 12 pounds, these birds require a minimum 8-foot-high fence. Stanleys are omnivores. Their diet consists of game bird crumble/pellets, scratch mix, lots of grass and greens, along with small rodents and bugs. They love it when an occasional lizard or snake gets into their enclosure! Dry dog food can also be supplemented. 

Our Stanleys are not pinioned. Clipped wings are available at an additional $2.50 per bird and the trimming can last for four to six months. 

Shipping Policy

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